Twilight / Vampire Diaries

Twilight / Vampire Diaries.

I love this story line and how Bella and Damon interact with each other in story line…


Feeling Edgy?

Love, love,love this story line…..

The Drawing Board

Yes, Bertie Bott… I am still shamelessly ripping off your title based pun idea… what can I say? It’s fun :p

So after a trying few weeks, dealing with crazy plagiarism issues among other things, I am finally here with another chapter…

So, brought to you by…

The usual late nights awake,
Ogling pics and videos of Nate Buzz working out ie ‘arm porn’ *drools a little at the memory*,
An entire day spent in Guttersville getting the chapter finished,
A good dose of anticipation for The Originals, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural all starting back up soon,
Some funny as hell conversations on Facebook that have kept me going

Before you proceed I need to issue a

Citrus warning

Trust me… this chapter earns it

Anyway, without any further ado…

Chapter six of Step to the Edge ~ When I’m Sinking ~ is now up

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The Key: July’s FFAA writing challenge.

I like sounds of this story line already. There’s a mystery of the name sake of Isabella Swan. Maybe this will give some information about her family.


July 1st Prompt photo July1.jpg

She didn’t know what to do, she was nervous and confused. Isabella was also confused as to how she found herself here, here in the very place she never wished to be again. No it wasn’t the Cullen’s, it was her Grandmothers property somewhere deep in the forest. She hadn’t been here since her grandmother vanished, she vowed never to step foot on the Swan Land again and yet here she stood at the front door of the grand mansion; a key in her hand.

It had arrived the other week, a letter from her grandmother and the photo of the home. She knew not what the key was for and spent the day where the old brass key belonged. After trying every door in the house she knew of, followed by everything with a keyhole. She had almost given up when she found herself down in the basement, wondering…

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Chapter 3 Chicago

I loved how this story line is going and hoping for further chapters soon..

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Olivia and I got off the plan and headed to get are suit cases. We grabbed a cab to take us to the condo that me and Olivia will start fresh. We pulled up to the condo, I looked down at Olivia.  Are you ready to see are new house Olivia. 

Yes mommy I want to see my new room please. “Olivia said.”

I took her hand and are suitcases headed to the front door. I unlocked the door and Olivia ran in the condo. I follow behind her and looked around.

Are you ready to go to see your room. Olivia looked at me with a big smile. 

Yes mommy I want to go see! Olivia said to me she was so excited. I’m glad she is happy being here. 

When we got to her room I told her she can decorate any way she wanted. She started jumping…

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